Pure Acrylic Emulsions

Synresins Limited’s pure acrylics are plasticizer free aqueous acrylic copolymers esters based on acrylic acid esters. They are particularly suitable for sheen paints, matt and medium PVC coatings where good hiding, adhesion and scrub resistance are required. 

This range of pure acrylics exhibit excellent water resistance which makes it suitable for applications over fresh plasters and cementitious substrates.


  • Sheen paints
  • Matt coatings
  • Decorative plasters (Rock fast formulations)
  • Interior paints at medium pigment loading
  • Water-proofing top coatings.

Advantages over competitors includes: High solid content, higher exterior durability & superior adhesion to many difficult substrates, superior resistant to dirt pick-up & cracking. Goes smoothly without showing brush or roller marks. Better chalk resistance for excellent color retention. The range includes Synemul PA 4089, Synemul PA 1372 and
Synemul PA 2220.

Synresins Limited practices Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing principles.