Styrene Acrylics

Synresins Ltd.’s styrene acrylics are fine size styrene/acrylic ester copolymer emulsions that confers excellent binding power and are highly recommended for cost effective exterior paints and for good quality interior paints having high scrub resistance and wash ability.


  • Exterior and interior paints
  • Low to high PVC paints
  • Cementitious coatings
  • Water based sealers and saturators.

Advantages over competitors includes: good water resistance, low dirt retention, alkali resistance and high pigment capabilities with a PVC range of 30-80%. The range includes Synemul SA 2028, Synemul SA 2031, Synemul SAD50 and Synemul SA 2127, Synemul TP 1946.

We are the largest Resin Manufacture in East and Central Africa with an installed annual capacity of 10,000 MT