Sydisperse N40 is a versatile polymeric dispersing agent for a vast water borne coatings, inks, ceramics and rubber latex dispersions. It belongs to a family of products based on acrylic polymer sodium neutralized. It has been manufactured to relatively moderate molecular weight distribution resulting in a consistent product quality with maximum effectiveness. Supplied at a visicosity of 20-40 poise and 36 ± 2 percent solid contents, It is best for Aqueous Pigment Paste, Interior wall paint, Exterior emulsion paint, Ceramic dispersions, Rubber latex dispersions.

Syndisperse N40 synthethic formulation is ideal for a vast range of water-based coatings. It is recommended for use as supplied by Synresins Ltd. The neutralizing alkali used in the acrylic polymer chain releases sodium during the drying process and thus has less significant impact on water and alkali resistance of the final applications.

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