Synacryl ZA

Synacryl ZA 7060 is a hydroxylated acrylic resin that has been developed for the unique characteristics of the African market. Synacryl ZA7060 has been formulated utilizing the latest international technology to provide paint formulators with a multifunctional, twin pack acrylic resin that can be employed in the stated applications.

Supplied at a viscosity of 60-80 poise and solid contents of 60± 1. Synacryl ZA 7060 has been designed for use with suitable aliphatic isocyanites having an isocyanate equivalent mass of 255 as supplied (191 on solid resin) such as Bayer’s Desmodur N75. Synacryl ZA 7060 is recommended for the formulation of two-pack automotive top coats for all vehicles where excellent performance and durability are a major requirement.

Synresins Limited practices Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing principles.