Synglaze 2034 is a high molecular weight Pure Acrylic solution polymer which is ready to use in a mixture of aliphatic and aromatic solvents. Synglaze 2034 has been specially formulated for use as a Brick and tile dressing. It also finds use in sealing off dampness and as a bonding liquid on masonry surfaces. Synglaze TP 2034 dries rapidly at room temperature to give a clear, glossy water resistant film. It has deep penetrating properties and therefore offers extreme durability and is not prone to lifting and peeling.

The gloss is enhanced by applying multiple coats. Supplied as a clear liquid at a Viscosity < 50 at 25 degree C(cps) and percent Solid contents :20+1; It can be applied by Brush, Spray, Roller or padding. Synglaze 2034 can be diluted with White Spirits, Solvesso 100 or Xylene in all proportions. Synglaze 2034 should not be applied to a wet surface.
Surfaces must be allowed to dry before application of Synglaze 2034.

We are the largest Resin Manufacture in East and Central Africa with an installed annual capacity of 10,000 MT